The Yarn Buffet is a reseller of ICE Yarns. One of the best hand knitting yarn brands in the world including more than 300 types of wool. Wool yarns are produced for GSC Tekstil, the leading yarn manufacturer in Istanbul Turkey, the yarn paradise of the world. 

   The Yarn Buffet business and ICE yarns are human and environmentally friendly and comply with international human health standards. ICE yarns are the top quality wool yarn in the world. The premium line of GSC Tekstil is presented by KUKA yarns. And is available for you to buy here on this website as well. 

   At the YARN BUFFET we stand behind the manufacturer in every way. If you have a defective item, simply send it back to us for a replacement.

   The Yarn Buffet headquarters is located in Independence, Missouri. My name is Phil Dearing and my wifes name is Christine. We can always be reached via email at:
[email protected] We are both retired techy's from the Department of Defense and thought we would start up something that was fun and gratifying for both of us. If its about sewing, knitting, crochet and pattern making. My Christine can answer your questions. Its our business.